Seek First: Stick to Script

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This past weekend, I was honored with the opportunity to minister the Word of God at my home church. God gave me what I call an “on the fly” revelation.  An “on the fly” revelation is a revelation that was not planned or rehearsed before speaking.  It truly shifted and enhanced the illustration I presented to the congregation.

Today, I seek to tie that revelation into the most recent series of devotionals entitled, “Seek First”.

We have talked about God being a king and having a protocol to operating His kingdom. We have an obligation as Kingdom citizens to speak in line with His protocol. This is what I call command speech. Command Speech is the unique dimension of The Blessing that empowers mankind to use words to create new realities. Command Speech is the supernatural ability that God placed within you to manifest His will in earth; as it is in heaven.

I want you to envision God it as the director of a great screenplay. Not only is He the director, but He is the producer and the screenwriter. He has thought out a blockbuster hit called, “Your Life”, and He knows it is absolutely perfect. He has also selected you to be the main character. This will be the most rewarding “acting” you will ever do, if you meet this one condition: Stick to the Script. God (the greatest producer, writer, director in the universe) has written a masterful production that will always succeed if the actors stick to the script. He doesn’t need any help….He doesn’t need any suggestions. He only needs you to play your part. Don’t add to it…don’t take away from it.

With that in mind, how many times have you heard the Director of “Your Life” say, “CUT!!”? A director usually says “cut” for two reasons, there is an error in the script or the act is finished. If you are still breathing, the “act” is not finished. So there must be an error in the script.

If we make our focus saying and doing what God says to do we will please God and receive everything we need in the “play” we call “Life”

. The great director has scripted “Your Life” and saw success, victory, favor, holiness, righteousness and you achieving the highest award for earthly performance in the universe– Eternal Life.

I want to encourage you today to look at the “role” that God has given you to play. Are you “getting into character”?  Are you giving all your effort to speak your parts with tenacity and boldness?  In the play call “Your Life” God has envisioned you speaking to mountains. There are a series of mountains that you will have to speak to–adversity, setbacks, offense, medical challenges, financial challenges, relationship challenges and fear, but He had already saw the mountain being picked up and cast into the sea. Whatever you’re going through, God wants you to do exactly that: GO THROUGH!!

I leave you with this thought as you seek the Kingdom of God.  “Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Luke 12:32 New King James Version (NKJV)

3 thoughts on “Seek First: Stick to Script

  1. As I read this and had the privilege to hear it in service, I constantly think about Jonah and how he added so many unnecessary scenes to his life. Stick to the script!!!!! Great teaching!

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  2. Amen I will stick to the script do we know what🕰(Time) it is it’s time to stick to the script it’s His way of doing business 📽📽 I will shift
    Thank you


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