Defeating Your Economic Giant

Today, we will take a quick pause from the “Seek First” series as I seem led to encourage you regarding some basic principles of sowing and reaping.

We all face giants in life. We all encounter issues or challenges that seem larger than life itself. Maybe you are facing a health giant or the giant of taking your hobby or side gig to a full time job.

For every giant we face, God has a plan to bring it down just like He gave David a plan for Goliath. Let’s focus on the economic giant today.

Many times when you are doing anything for God, it will cost you more than you currently have. I want to draw a parallel between David’s victory over his giant and your economic giant.

  1. David kept reminding his giant that he was ALREADY defeated.

You must see your giant as already defeated. If you are still complaining about the size of giant and how long it’s been there, you’re not ready to fight. If you’re not ready to fight, you’re not ready to win. Keep speaking of your giant’s defeat, even while it’s staring you in the face. While your economic situation is bombarding your mind, keep speaking.

  1. Don’t use a plan you haven’t proven

Praise God for the testimony of others, but they were meant for your encouragement, not for your duplication. When King Saul realized David was going to fight the giant, he gave David his armor. David was bogged down with King Saul’s armor and could not move freely. God ALWAYS delivers those who trust Him, but he doesn’t always deliver the same way. Stick to the plan God gives you. Look through your bible and find an identical miracle…God has a million and one ways to deliver you.

  1. Remember that last time God delivered you.

God wouldn’t be called a deliverer if there was never an occasion for you to be delivered. David remembered “other giants” from his past that God helped him to defeat. I’ve seen young bears and lions up close (at a zoo) I wouldn’t fight either of them…even in full body armor. Defeating wild beast, that’s David’s testimony, not mine. You would need supernatural help to do that. Put yourself in remembrance that the God who delivered you last time will do it again this time!!

  1. Pick up your weapons

Goliath was not simply a tall military man. He represented a relentless adversary that taunts his competitors into surrendering. If you step up to challenge him in fear, he defeats you and takes all that is yours. You must pick up your natural weapons and make them spiritual. David’s weapons — some rocks and a sling were no match against a heavily armed, skilled and seasoned warrior. However David made his weapons supernatural. When he declared the victory, gave God the glory, and slung his stone; Goliath didn’t have a chance.

So what are your weapons?  Here’s what I SEE.

David had a sling, five smooth stones, a Word from God. Here are your weapons of economic breakthrough:
A sling – You need a way to ready to release your financial seed for a financial harvest

Stones – You need financial seed. The way you take down a financial or economic giant is with an economic stone. Much like throwing a rock at a giant seems wasted like effort, so does giving when you have a need. However the Word of God illustrates on numerous occasions how giving is the way to economic increase.

A Word from God – Never stop speaking the Word God gives you to speak about your giant. The word you speak is the determining factor in your seed sowing. The Word of God in your mouth, mixed with faith, empowers your financial seed to do what it cannot do naturally.  I believe those faith-filled words guided that stone to the weak spot in Goliath’s armor.

Don’t let your giant do all the talking, say what God’s Word says and get ready for action!!  It’s giant-killing time!!

Read 1 Samuel 17 today and may God give you more enlightenment on defeating your economic giant!!

4 thoughts on “Defeating Your Economic Giant

  1. Elder J, Thank you for your obedience in sharing this enlightening Word! Such good reading and further studying material! I am more encouraged to be a GIANT killer! No giant, no matter what it is or how large it seems, deserves control over your life! You were created for more… for a purpose! God wants us to have life more abundantly!! Nothing lacking!! Amen!


  2. Thank you for this Word wow I needed to hear this word a great reminder of who the giant slayer is. Thank you Lord the greater one lives in me, I’m a giant slayer. WooHoo


  3. Great post!! “You must see your giant as already defeated. If you are still complaining about the size of giant and how long it’s been there, you’re not ready to fight.”


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