Do You SEE Yourself as Holy?


The God we serve is holy.

To enjoy fellowship with Him we are required by the Father to be holy as well. To ensure that we don’t come up with a holiness standard of our own, He gives us the standard of holiness.

14 Now that you are obedient children of God do not live as you did in the past. You did not understand, so you did the evil things you wanted. 15 But be holy in all you do, just as God, the One who called you, is holy. 1 Peter 1:14-15 New Century Version

God requires us to be holy just like He is holy. He did not save us to stay the same, but to walk in His glory, power, and righteousness.

We can never claim to be walking with God and not live a life of holiness. Two people will not walk together unless they have agreed to do so. Amos 3:3 New Century Version

Our ability to receive all God has for us is predicated on our willingness to walk in holiness. Holiness is not a hairstyle, dress code, or a certain “church” affiliation.  We are all called to be a united Body of Christ and we are all called to be holy, just like God is holy. Holiness is conduct (speech, actions, and behavior) that pleases God. It’s not a dress code, but it will affect how you dress. It’s not a list of approved words yet, it will affect what you speak.

God’s WORD calls us ambassadors of Christ. (II Corinthians 5:20) Here are some general facts about an ambassador:

  • Appointed, not elected
  • Appointed to represent a government or kingdom
  • Never becomes the citizen of the place he’s called to
  • NEVER speaks his personal position on a matter

God chose each of us and elevated us from slaves of sin and destruction to positions of royalty in His kingdom. It is now our privilege and opportunity to serve Him in a grand and glorious way. Unlike what we see in the politics of the world around us, we are not to be one way in public and “act” a totally different way around a group of Christians. We live for Christ 24/7, 365, and plus one extra day; every four years.

Holiness is no small or insignificant matter to God and we cannot allow it to become one to us. Some modern theologies and doctrines are robbing us from our greatness that God has called us to. Our behavior matters. It reflects the majesty of the One who called us. The world around us is looking for real life. We have it abiding on the inside of us. We now have a duty and privilege to display it where every man can SEE it.

SEE yourself representing God.

SEE yourself as a product of His personal goodness toward you.

SEE yourself as billboard pointing the hungry and thirsty toward God.

SEE yourself as holy.

2 thoughts on “Do You SEE Yourself as Holy?

  1. Amen! Such an Excellent Word! God called us to be set apart! We are Holy! I am reminded of Leviticus 20:26 (NLT) which states You must be holy because I, the LORD, am holy. I have set you apart from all other people to be my very own.


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