SEEing the New You – Part 2

Eye Machine 2

Can You SEE what God is saying?

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NKJV)

Accepting Jesus gave you a fresh start in the eyes of God. Now He SEES you as righteous. Righteous simply means you have right standing with God or you are now on good, favorable terms with God. He is not holding your past against you. You are no longer guilty and you have no need to be ashamed in His presence.

Being made righteous can only happen when someone of great authority decrees this status over you. A person can never declare themselves as righteous simply because it is something they personally desire. God, the supreme being of the universe, set a plan in place to restore mankind to a righteous status.

Sin has the ability to makes cowards of the righteous. If you examine the book of Genesis, you will see that Adam and Eve had daily fellowship with God, each evening He would come visit them. Genesis also records that they were naked and not ashamed. It wasn’t until they sinned that they ever tried to hide from the presence of God. It wasn’t until they sinned that they ever had anything to be ashamed of.

Before you can truly move forward, you have to put the sins of your past completely behind you.  You must have more faith in what Jesus died and was raised from the dead for than what you did in ignorance or rebellion. Think about it…If God had the ability to forgive all your sins through the obedience of Jesus, why would He still hold your past against you?

Before you read too far into the previous statement, I am not, cannot, and will not ever make provision to accommodate sin: ever. What I want to convey to you is you have a defeated enemy who uses thoughts, ideas, and suggestions to convince you that you are still a sinner. Or worse, he wants you to settle for being a “sinner saved by grace.” Even if a well-meaning Christian, preacher, teacher, or bible scholar says it, you are a sinner or you are saved; you cannot be both.

If the devil convinces you that you are a sinner or a “sinner saved by grace”, he can keep you defeated in life. You will be like the circus elephant. The elephant is by far the strongest animal at the circus, but because of the way it has been conditioned in the past, it can still be controlled by a tent stake and a small chain. When the elephant was smaller and weaker, it could be tied to a tent stake and could not move. Over time it grew in strength and ability, but didn’t change the way it thought. Don’t be the circus elephant trapped by the weakness of your past. SEE yourself as RIGHTEOUS!!

2 thoughts on “SEEing the New You – Part 2

  1. What an awesome and encouraging Word Elder J and I am a living witness of this! I had to learn the important fact that before you can truly move forward, you have to put the sins of your past completely behind you. My guilt was a huge hinderance in my moving forward and God allowed me to see that I am the righteousness of God and I have a fresh start!! I pray others are blessed by this message of the freedom we have in Christ!


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