Can You See What God Is Saying? Pt. 3

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God has a plan for your life that is bigger than you can imagine. He makes it so big that you cannot possibly do it on your own. God reveals His plans, power, purposes, and desires by speaking to you. When God speaks, He is imprinting an image on your heart. If you can see it, God can bring it to pass.

Joshua was a humble and faithful assistant to one of most famous people in the Bible, Moses.

Moses had quite an extensive profile.  He challenged the most powerful political figure of the known world, used by God to bring 10 plagues on an entire empire, led over 3 million people cross the Red Sea without a boat, hit a rock with stick and provided water…need I go on?

What do you do when God says, “Hey Josh, you’re next!!” This is not the same as being asked to answer the phone while your manager is out of the office or being asked to lock up the building because the boss is leaving work early. You’re being asked to take over the whole business!! This is a tremendous undertaking and without God this is impossible.

Applying the Word of God was the only reassurance that Joshua could do what He was appointed to do. Remember, every plan He initiates, He orchestrates. If He plans it, He provides for it. He knows that with Him, nothing is impossible.

“Let the words from the book of the law be always on your lips. Meditate on them day and night so that you may be careful to live by all that is written in it. If you do, as you make your way through this world, you will prosper and always find success.” Joshua 1:8 The Voice (VOICE)

If you pay careful attention to the verse, you will see a set of instructions:

  1. Speak the WORD of God continuously. The word “meditate” in Hebrew means “to mutter, to speak softly to one’s self” One of the most powerful things you can do is speak the WORD of God yourself.
  2. Obey the WORD you know. God actually expects you to follow His instructions. His instructions are not suggestions without consequences. Jesus said His words were spirit and life. (John 6:63) Don’t miss out on life Himself doing your own thing.
  3. Reap the Rewards. Notice that prospering and success are automatic. There is no success without following a given instruction. Whether it’s directions to the store or preparing popcorn, success is guaranteed when you follow the instructions.

God needs your permission and participation to be God in your life.

I leave you this scripture for meditation and confession:

22 Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. James 1:22 New International Version (NIV)

Declare This By Faith: I hear what God says in His WORD and I do it.

I pray your world has been Enlightened by the Word of God today. God Bless.

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